Morrigan and Matt run indifference productions, we work, or have worked, with all the people listed below (including each other). If you want to contact Indifference,about a project please use the email links below.

Morrigan - 30+ WF, writer and film maker, wltm others with similar interests for collaborations, fun times and possible ltr.

Matt Lee - Philosopher, writer and film maker - yes real film. Currently completing his Ph.D. 'Tautology and aporia: on the relation of language to being". Also editor and backbone of Razor Smile (Recidivist Press 2002).Contact:

Tricia Gill - Freelance illustrator, graphic and web designer,staff artist for Greenmantle magazine- when she's not being a 17th Century vampire. She built this site and produces story boards for us.

(Bags) Dave Beech (Weigh In Way Out Productions)- Our best mate and also one of our camera guys. Lovely bloke, lives on the road so contact via us.

Heather Smith - Camera sound and continuity. She is the woman giving birth in Cuntsonic - what a girl. Traveling with Dave, so contact via us.

Andy Furneaux - Our gaffer. Easy to work with guy, you only have to tell him anything once, knows what he's doing.
Contact: 077 488 31535 (mob)

Nev (Zen Works) - Sound guy and electronics geek, if it squeaks or squelches he can usually fix it. Builds some of our equipment for us, reads technical manuals for pleasure.

Eliza Skelton - Camera and also musical scores. She is primarily a muso and lyricist. Has done some of our soundscapes and contributes to Razor Smile and general consciousness.

Paul Simmonds - Muso, has done sound recording for us, but very talented guitar player, lyricist and intelligent company.

Steve Risby - Fine artist, paints massive canvases, often lends us a hand as crew. Lives in garret, no running water, so forget about phone or Internet, again contact via us.

Steve Duncan (AKA Steve the Builder) - also artist, you should see his plastering. Good site manager, can fix most stuff together and works like a dog. Got a bit of thing about fire, will burn practically anything, likes fireworks.
Contact: 077 992 00338 (mob)

Bernadette Cremin - Poetess and performance artist. Have worked with her in Taking Liberties Festival and on Inside Skin. We are currently developing a film of poetry and image written after Kundera and Cortezar. Bernie would prefer to be contacted via us.

Matt Brownsword - Works with Ignition Films, we help each other out with equipment and technical advice.
Contact via us.

Alan Sondheim - Writer and film maker extraordinaire. Lives in the States and have been corresponding with him for a number of years. Great source of inspiration - fluid philosophy