… Yeah, and sometimes we work for the man, but we don’t dirty out hands with filthy lucre. We are what is called an ‘ethical enterprise’ - if it doesn’t make the world a better place, we don’t do it! Most of what we earn goes to fund our artistic practice, or bank rolls community projects that wouldn’t otherwise happen. We don’t feather our own nest.

Morrigan Nihil
DOB 1st October 1968

8 ‘O’ Levels
3 ‘A’ Levels
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate for Legal Secretaries.
Institute of Legal Executives Membership Examination Part 1.

Since April 1999 I have been working as a full-time writer, film and video maker. Prior to this I worked as: Regional Administrator (South East) Scope, Legal Clerk John Healy & Co, Legal Secretary, Lewingtons, Secretary to Surveyors, Hadleigh, Stephen Viney.

I am also currently the Office Manager of the Hanover Community Centre

From the Production List you can see what I’ve been doing since I set up Indifference Productions in 1999. The Client List shows that I have worked at both a local and national level with a huge variety of organisations. They keep coming back for more, so I must be doing something right – I believe the business terminology for this is ‘which indicates my work is of a consistently high standard, meeting both the needs and expectations of the client’.

In terms of my writing, I am currently editing an experimental novel which has been in development for six years. During this time I have had short pieces published in hard copy high street anthologies and also on the Net. I write a monthly column, ‘Web Wizard’, for a magazine with a circulation of over 350,000.

Other Interests:
Cooking; being with my kids; going down to the beach to see what’s washed up on the tideline; local history and archaeology; cycling; reading; mostly relaxing stuff.